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Syvally Sweet
How she was found/recruited:

This super-hot Latina was sick of her man watching the game instead of fucking her, so she dressed up slutty and took out the camera to get him off the couch and into her mouth. Prob his idea to send it in, but either way, we love this ho.

Age: 29
Ethnicity: Latina
Bra size: 32B
Height: 5'3
Weight: 119
Fav position: Cowgirl

Syvally Sweet

Syvally Sweet - Disturbang
My boyfriend always ignores me every time there's a game. I was so horny today, I needed a big dick in my pussy. I gave him a lap dance to get his attention, I made him horny; then I left him there with his boner. He had to follow my ass in bed and f...

Average Body, Black Hair, Latina

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